Foundations of Oil Painting 
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This course teaches you multiple step-by-step methods of oil painting covering all subject matter from still lives, to portraits, to landscapes. Learn how to mix paint, use color to create form and depth, how to glaze, and how to compose your own ideas on canvas. No prerequisites!

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Foundations of Oil Painting is ideal for someone who wants to start oil painting, for those who want to learn some new techniques, or for those with oil painting experience who need more information on the proper way to use their materials. Students can work both from life and from photos with the opportunity to explore personalized subject matter after working through initial projects.

Techniques and methods covered in this class include:

  • Direct/alla prima painting

  • Indirect painting/layering

  • Understanding different types of underpainting

  • Glazing and scumbling

This course also covers materials information including:

  • Painting ground choices

  • Understanding the contents of your paint tube

  • The differences between solvents, mediums, dryers, resins, etc!

  • How to follow the 'fat-over-lean' rule

  • How, why, and when of varnishing

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Course Outline


We will begin with shorter exercises with limited project options, and progress to more complex projects that may take more than one week to complete and will allow personal freedom in subject matter and execution.

Week 1: Value Sphere Imprimatura and Warm and Cool (Fixed Project)

Week 2: High Chroma Alla Prima (Fixed Project)

Week 3: Low Chroma Painting (Limited Project Choices)

Week 4: Grisaille and Underpainting (Limited Project Choices)

Week 5: Atmospheric Perspective (Limited Project Choices)

Week 6: Second Layer Painting and Glazing (Limited Project Choices)

Week 7: Approaches to Composition (Open Project Choices)

Week 8: Nuances in Light, Edges, and Color Choices (Open Project Choices)

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