Art School for the Rest of Us

You don't have to attend an art school to become an artist. Learn to make realistic drawings and paintings in-studio or at home.

Classes Taught by a Professional Artist Sans BFA

When I was 15, I knew I wanted to be an artist.

At 16, I became a mother.

Now, I wouldn't say that motherhood prevented me from attending art school or going to college. I graduated from high school with the rest of my class, and went on to get my Associates in Studio Art, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

However, I found that the instruction I found in college wasn't teaching me what I really wanted to know: How to paint and draw realistically. And being a mother meant my priorities dictated that I should not go into an incredible amount of debt to 'find myself' in a 4 year art school somewhere.

So instead, I dedicated every evening from 8pm until midnight to painting, seeking out feedback from artists I admired, and researching methods of art instruction from the French Academy to Golden Age Illustration. I created my own art education, and I can guide you through yours!

Classes for Beginners

Foundations of Drawing

Ideal for beginners as well as for artists who want to increase the sense of depth, form, and accuracy in their drawings or paintings. Techniques for creating a proportionally solid drawing, light logic, and how to create the illusion of depth and space are covered. 

Foundations of Oil Painting

This course teaches you multiple step-by-step methods of oil painting, including still lives, portraits, and landscapes. Learn how to mix paint, use color to create form and depth, how to glaze, and how to compose your own ideas on canvas. No prerequisites!

5 Day Drawing Transformation Challenge

Are you a total beginner curious if you have drawing ability, or do you have experience and you're wondering if realist art instruction is for you? Try this FREE mini-course that promises to transform your drawing ability in just 5 days.

Intermediate to Advanced Classes

Portrait Drawing in Graphite & Charcoal

Class begins with the structure of the features and progresses to building a solid drawing with three dimensional form and likeness. Basics as well as advanced concepts are covered, and numerous demo recordings are included.
In-Studio and Virtual Classes start June 28th. Self-Study option coming soon!

Portrait Painting in Oil

Explore everything from how to start a portrait painting, choosing a skin tone palette, identifying a good reference photo, to capturing a likeness, layering paint to create depth and a controlled finish, and adding the finishing touches.
In-Studio and Virtual Classes start June 29th. Self-Study option coming soon!

Figure Drawing Academy

This is an in-depth and growing course for those who want to make life-drawing a lifelong practice. 16 lessons form the foundation of the course, starting with the basics of sketching, building proportion, and shading. Concepts progress to advanced topics including anatomy, rhythm, and perception from life. New videos are added periodically, and numerous photo and video references are provided.
Next session begins August 24th 2021. Self-Study coming soon!

Realist Art Club

The Realist Art Club is a virtual group dedicated to continuously creating and improving work across a wide range of subjects, but all under the broad heading of realism. Weekly events include an Inspiration presentation on varying topics, a virtual painting session, a group critique meeting, and an online platform for discussion, questions, and access to presentation recordings.
Now open to new members! Learn more...

School of Realist Art Student Highlights


Create Yourself as an Artist

I have developed a clear and unique path for you to learn how to draw and paint realistically, no matter what your current ability level. You can do this without a studio or even a dedicated art space, any time of the day or night. Plus, I will be there to personally guide you along the way with lessons, demonstrations, and direct feedback on your work.

I want you to know that you can do this with the resources you have right now. You can create beautiful, interesting, and realistic drawings and paintings, and it is by creating this work that you will become an artist.

Learn About the Instructor

Free Drawing Mini-Course!

Receive a 30 minute lesson each day for 5 days that will guide you through all the steps of the drawing process. If you've never drawn before and you want to see if it's possible, or if you are wondering how you can make your drawings better and more realistic, this is for you!


Join the Challenge!

Register for the 5 Day Drawing Transformation Challenge and receive a new 30 minute video lesson every day for 5 days.